Our Services

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At Albany Village Goldsmiths, we specialise in new makes, remodels and repairs.

Remakes, Remodels and New Makes

Remakes, remodels, and new makes do require an appointment to meet our master goldsmith and discuss your needs. Please contact us on 09 415 9509, call or text 027 319 7171, or email admin@albanyvillagegoldsmiths.co.nz to make an appointment.


If you have a repair, you can drop it to us at any time without needing to make an appointment, and we will send it to our master goldsmiths for quoting if required and repair. Our master goldsmiths are all local Auckland jewellers working from home, and will execute the work to the highest standard

Other Services

We also clean jewellery that we made at no cost, and check it to make sure it is in good repair. Please allow 24 hours for this service, although it can be done more quickly depending on how busy we are. If you have jewellery not made by us, we are happy to clean it for a small charge.

We can organise valuations for you, we use GemLab for all our valuations as they are our trusted valuers.